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easing your load

engagedprojects is happy to take on those assignments that are hard to place:

  • Researching ideas that intuitively make sense but no-one has had time for.
  • Mapping your investment logic with you to ensure that it makes strategic sense
  • Building the concept brief that gains support for the project
  • Developing your business case.
  • Identifying change options that involve technology or processes.
  • Creating a schedule that details the changes that need to be made, allocates the resources and shows the critical path.
  • Creating a change/project governance framework that will help you make changes whilst retaining control of time, cost and quality.

And engagedprojects is happy to work to your pace. We look at what you want to achieve, your capacity to achieve it within your team and then agree realistic project schedules that will get us to end of job with the outcomes you need. If that means an Engaged Projects team-member for 1 day per week for 3 months, that is what we will put together. It means you don't end up paying for unproductive time. Equally, if you need 2-3 people full-time we will provide them from our pool or locate the resources and refer them in to you through one of our associated consultancies. ​