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doing business with us

engagedprojects preferred business approach is to be governed by a well-defined agreement between the parties.

The master services agreement (MSA) is the foundation for that agreement with its generic terms and conditions and the assignment specifics being agreed as a scope of works (SOW).

We make the core document available on our site so that you and your organisation can see that we're serioius about handling your business with care.

If you like what you see and want to set an agreement in place ahead of any work you can do so without any implied risk as there is no financial element until we have an agreed SOW in place.

​We think this is the best way to work as it reduces the effort at the time of needing our assistance and allows us all to concentrate on what needs to be done and included in the scope of work rather than the legal terms governing how we relate as we deliver the outcomes you're seeking.

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