toolsets for


​Selecting the right tools for the task is essential; engagedprojects uses anumber of software and information tools to guide its work with you.

recommended software

​​MindManager from MindJet - visualise information and create documents and schedules from a common source.

Clarizen - a world-class work management tool that is great for change and technical projects - scalable, able to link to other systems and works across time-zones and currencies.

RiskyProject from Intaver​ - develop a probabilistic schedule with high degrees of accuracy when you combine your ideal schedule with a world-class risk register.

recommended information tools

STEEPLES - an acronym for guiding business analysis to ensure that multiple factors are considered for internal and external drivers and risks.

P3M3 ​Process perspectives for portfolios, programs and projects - developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), these seven perspectives interact throughout business as usual and change.

CEDAR(tm) - engagedprojects' change management framework.

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