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Customer inclusion is key

Businesses that are willing to take thousands of dollars in service fees and associated costs over time from customers and then terminate the relationship without cause or offer opportunities for discussion/redress may need to consider that imposing a negative customer experience could be a catalyst for potential poor future sustainability or growth.

This is particularly the case where each customer equates to an appreciable percentage of the income stream; it doesn't take the loss of many customers to have a serious impact on the viability of the business and its continued availability/desirability for its other customers.

This is amplified where there isn't a monopoly or an oligopolistic market and the consumers can choose other service providers in parallel or as a direct replacement.

It can be even further amplified where the customers are often well connected to each other and there are multiple service providers.

It's hard to put a value on good will, but it can definitely influence profit and loss.

In all sectors, customer experience is a critical indicator that shouldn't be taken lightly. The impact of one poor customer experience becomes shared across multiple connected customers without anyone having to do or say anything.

The affected customer can actually just do nothing and then something happens to affect the business.

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